MetaBoom Public sale

October 28, 2021

Company: Fansi

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A visually awesome NFT acts as a musicNFT container and player in Web3.0 era.

MetaBooms are chatty and feisty metaverse beings who are said to be the spirits of 80s’ boomboxes wandering the world after walkman took over. They love great music, and they seek masters with the best music taste out there, yes, they’re looking at you.

The MetaBoom project presents a completely new model for music. MetaBooms are imagined to be the music player of web 3.0, which can be carried by top kickass PFP avatars through all the metaverse promise lands, while earning tokens for musicians, curators and music lovers. And no, it will look nothing like Spotify.

A little heads-up, MetaBoom will be your best friend, they spit gold when fed with great music, nothing pleasant if not. Don’t be alarmed when they start to look like you, all good companies do.

Supply 5,000+ / Price 0.05 ETH

Added October 18, 2021