MetaEggs City Drop

February 21, 2022

Company: MetaEggs City


5,555 NFTs revealing dark powers in the Solana underworld.
Not only each MetaEgg is unique, but they also grant their holders special opportunities.

Own to earn – Citizens rewards:

The rarer your MetaEggs, the higher your chances of winning.
Up to 1000 Solana tokens will be redistributed to 100 MetaEggs owners right after the public Mint.
+ 50% from all secondary market royalties over the weeks.

By rewarding the MetaEggs citizens thanks to our system of redistribution, we ensure a tangible value to MetaEggs NFTs and maintain a high floor price.

MetaEggs City Collection:

Each MetaEgg is unique and has been rendered in a real 3D scene, providing exclusive and amazing results never seen before! We are using real 3D particles to create all the effects, and you will notice beautiful textures and reflections on the MetaEgg, depending on the environment and colors!

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Added February 3, 2022