MetaKawn Huffaz Club

April 3, 2022

Company: MetaKawn

Price: 0.1 ETH


MetaKawn is a project aiming to build the First Metaverse inspired by Islamic Values & Ethics. As Muslims are entering this new Digital era, the first milestone is to Scribe the Quran into the Blockchain, as a blessing for the entire project and an important step into the continuity of preservation of the Holy Book .

Exclusive Avatars and Utility – The MetaKawn Huffaz Collection :

Become a part of the ground-breaking collection that celebrates iconic figures throughout Muslim history with the Huffaz collection.

The collection has 6348 NFTs of half Men, half women, from different ethnicities and style. This is to highlight the importance of tolerance and encourage non judgments. Everybody is free to be whoever he wants and the most important thing is to do good in the world.

Added March 29, 2022