Metaplaces Offices Mint

November 30, 2022

Company: Metaplaces Offices

Price: 0.12 ETH

Supply: 400


Impress your clients and create a thriving coworking environment for your employees with the breathtaking Metaplaces Offices designed by our talented architects

On November 30th – MINT of only 400 stunning large offices with spectacular views, stunning interior design and immaculate corporate meeting rooms

Visit your beautiful offices in 3D thanks to our 3D Unity visit engine as well as invite your clients, co-workers and friends

– Own a breathtaking office designed by our talented architects
– Be the first to invite your clients to your beautiful Metaplaces office space in the Metaverse
– Invite your team members to collaborate in the coworking space
– Visit your fancy office with our unity 3D visit engine
– Organize productive meetings in the conference room
– Customize your offices as you see fit and make them your own
– Don’t miss anything thanks to the Slack integration

Added October 17, 2022