MetaVipLounge NFT

October 6, 2022

Company: MetaVipLounge

Price: 3 SOL

Supply: 10000

Source Link

The MetaVipLounge NFT on the Solana network, is the access key that unlocks the Metaverse so that you can enter and enjoy all the amazing benefits of the first of its kind Lounge and Nightclub in the Metaverse.

From the comfort of your room, you can step into the MetaVipLounge and turn up to exhilarating music concerts buy major artists and live DJ performances, compete with other players during games, join wine-tasting classes, and participate in NFT/crypto events, and so much more. All holders will receive coins airdrop to use in the Metaverse for tipping, buying Merch and gaming. In partnership with WONDER GAMES to build the coolest Metaverse nightclub with pool tables and many more surprises.

Added June 13, 2022