Millionaire Moles Mint

December 22, 2021

Company: Millionaire Moles


You buy a millionaire mole, hold & gamble with your friends in our exclusive community while the public casino is stacking up money to buy and burn moles??

“Step 1 – Buy Mole”. The mint will be mid december and will cost 1-2SOL. We will of course be working with secondary markets for holders to buy and sell ?

“Step 2- Hold n’ Chill”. With your Mole you will get exclusive access to community events, like poker nights and more. We supply the entry fee / prize pot for our members. This will be held in our discord?

The public casino will continue to stack up 50% of its profits while you have fun gambling with your fellow noots, apes, boogles and more. 75% of secondary market royalties will go to the DAO ?

“Step 3 – Listed moles will be burnt”. Once you decide to sell your mole you list it on a secondary market and the casino will use its money that it has stacked up to burn the floor. The longer you hold the more cash the casino will stack up and the higher the floor will get.

TLDR – The longer you hold ?✋ = The more cash the casino will stack up ?? = Higher floor, because the casino will buy up the floor price ?⬆️ = You will become a millionaire because of your mole??

Added December 16, 2021