Mint of Tower A (3,654 units)

November 24, 2022

Company: MyLand Metaverse (Genesis)

Price: 0.088 ETH

Supply: 3654


MyLand is a virtual metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain for artists, creators, investors, and businesses to engage in commerce and leisure services. The flagship NFT collection launched in MyLand will be “Genesis”, designed by award-winning architects and hosted on the Unity engine. The units are a mixture of residential suites, retail stores, and office spaces.

Holders of MyLand will be able to sell services, properties, and goods in our marketplace. It is also possible to list your property for rent and enjoy curated experiences from partners and creators. Landowners can build their own homes, run a business, or rent their land for passive rewards (Phase 2). The metaverse is fully built, including the towers in Genesis. Any NFT collections that wish to integrate into Myland will have access to wrap-around tools and services for seamless integration.

Added November 22, 2022