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Mokugyo On Solana

August 7, 2023

Company: Mokugyo

Price: 6 SOL

Supply: 233


What is Mokugyo?
Mokugyo is a collection on multi-chain that taps automatically for you, generating merit and blessings.

Mokugyo on BTC: SOLD OUT
Mokugyo on Solana: Whitelist ongoing
+ Supply: 233
+ Mint Price: WL 6 SOL, Public 8 SOL
+ Mint Date: Aug 7, 2023
+ Mint Time: 2 PM (UTC)

It’s exciting to wait and see you at the Temple – モクギョの世界には、人生の真の本質が宿っている(In the world of Mokugyo lies the true essence of life).

Magic Eden:

Added August 3, 2023