Monkey Munchy Whitelist Event

August 12, 2022

Company: Monkey Munchy

Price: 0.099 ETH

Supply: 10000


Monkey Munchy and his companions reside on a remote island that is only known to a small number of people and was brought to Earth by a meteorite from Planet Metia.

Since March 2021, periodic visuals of their experiences, tinted by the appearances of prominent people, have been posted on Instagram. Monkey Munchy is more than just an NFT project; the character was created before bored apes. With the help of the community that will be created on Discord, the tale of Monkey Munchy and the Metia Monkeys will be expanded upon, and a trilogy of comic books will be published worldwide. The plot of the Metia Island virtual world game will be based on these books, which will later turn into Cartoon Metaverse.

By purchasing our 9,999 randomly created NFTs from 43 billion combinations, you can support us. The sales revenue will go into video games and comic books. The NFT you purchase will serve as both your very own avatar and a piece of a collection in the Metaverse that we are creating. Want to see what kind of place it will be firsthand?

Additionally, the NFT you possess at every point in the book and game will increase in value.

Added August 7, 2022