Monsternauts Pre-Release WL Giveaways

December 10, 2021

Company: Monsternauts

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The Monsternauts were exploring deep space when their interstellar submarine was attacked by Leroy the Space Kraken! The Monsternauts put up a valiant fight, but ultimately the SS San Francrypto succumbed to Leroy’s crushing force and the hull buckled. Now stranded in the cold void of space, the crew took to their escape pods and abandoned ship. 6,969 Monsternauts are adrift in space and their life support systems are failing. Mount a rescue mission before it’s too late!

The Monsternauts are 6969 uniquely generated NFT (Non Fugible Tokens) hand drawn by our very own byeforever and algorithmically generated by a one of a kind art engine written by our lead dev UseAfterFree.

We’ve built our art generation tooling entirely in-house, which has allowed our artist to create some truly unique Monsternauts. The feature set was designed to allow our artist as much creative freedom as possible while remaining robust, generating error and duplicate free results.

We’ve created nine different Monsternaut species and each species has a lot more variety than the cookie cutter projects that have been popular in the past. It’s been really fun to see the unexpected results we get every time we run a generation pass. We can’t wait to share the entire Monsternaut crew with you!

Added December 6, 2021