Moonimals Drop

October 30, 2021

Company: Moonimals

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MOONIMALS are digital collectible arts that depict the volatility of the crypto market. Each one is hand drawn and unique to provide the community one of the best artworks in the space.

Moonimals are inspired by the famous crypto quote “to the moon!”. Animals portray the coins; the rocket portrays the price volatility; the moon portrays the ATH; the suits portray the community, the reason why coins survive.

This NFT project is based in Cardano Blockchain.

Each Moonimal in Apollo Collection is hand drawn and unique to provide the community with high quality artworks, it has distinctive art quality that can never be replaced by our future drops. BigBang Collection is generative arts with several different traits; these traits are original and hand drawn. Each artwork in these collections is unique and no 2 NFTs are the same.

Added October 19, 2021