Multiverse Llama NFT Drop

December 23, 2021

Company: Multiverse Llama

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Will the llamas be able to win this war?

The fate of the Llamas living peacefully on the planet Zavillama, changes with the return of the Evil Llama who was exiled in ancient times.

The returning Evil Llama uses his ancient spells to open portals and starts to teleport innocent llamas to distant planets far from their homes in Zavillama.

While adapting to our world the 10,000 Llamas sent by the Evil Llama are divided into 3 groups:

Traitors, who wish to serve the Evil Llama,
Guardians, whose purpose is to protect the Llamas on Earth from the Evil Llama and his servants and Adventurers, the rebels fighting valiantly against the Evil Llama.

Choose your class to join the adventure!

Added December 23, 2021