Nekoverse Chronicle Giveaway

November 3, 2021

Company: Nekoverse Chronicle

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Becoming Nekozens by owning Neko NFTs – your future characters in Nekoverse Chronicle massive multiplayer P2E game!
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About Nekoverse Chronicle:
Nekoverse Chronicle is a Blockchain’s Mass Multiplayer Role-playing P2E Game, with each Neko NFTs representing character in-game. From unfolding storyline throughout each expansion to mixed gameplay of PvE and PvP, Nekoverse offers players a voyage of exploration. Game balance system is fostered through multiple layers of character’s class and elements, in game profession and guild-forming, and NFTs utilities that ties closely with Tokenomics – Nekoverse Chronicle is a Game built not only for crypto-enthusiasts, but also for true game geeks.
Proudly, Nekoverse Chronicle is unlike any other Play-to-Earn Games you have experienced, because it was created by Gamers, for Gamers.

Neko NFT Utility:
1. Each Neko NFT will represent one character/unit to participate in Nekoverse Chronicle game. Since Nekoverse Chronicle is a mass multiplayer game, each player can have multiple units, hence multiple Neko NFTs, within the game.
2. After the public minting date, you will be able to access Neko Lab site. Everyone that owns Neko NFT can use Neko Lab to breed new Nekos. Breeding Nekos with different elements will result in all-new Neko variants with vary rare traits.
3. Exclusive Airdrops: Neko NFT holders will be eligible for future Rare NFT/Token/Eggs airdrops
4. Future whitelists: NFT Holders will be randomly selected to join the whitelists for future season minting and Nekoverse token’s IDO.
5. Exclusive Beta gameplay access

Added November 3, 2021