Neon NFT Drop

December 10, 2021

Company: Neon.Game

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Neon is a collection of 10,000 uniquely drawn Neon citizens and gang members by the artist R404(Ren). Neon extends into the P2E “Play to Earn” realm, making it not only an NFT generative collection but a multi-staking game on the Solana Blockchain. It features an enclosed token economy to earn future rewards. As well as an advanced multi-staking world that adds different levels of risk to reward aspects.
There are 10,000 Gen 0 NFT’S , minted for 1-1.5SOL each. The additional 40,000 Gen 1 NFT’s will be minted using $CREDITS ( $CREDITS can be aquired through the muti staking aspect in the P2E game )

Neon is a city full of corruption, stemming from the deep seeded influence of the gangs that control the city from the shadows. Despite this, opportunities are plentiful. .The industrial landscape is dominated by Shensin Industries and Vital Corps. These two corporations are responsible for the greed that is prevalent throughout. Strife is rampant in the streets, from tactical skirmishes to outright warfare that on occasion bleeds into all aspects of life. Although each race remains isolated from one another, there’s one thing that they all have in common: an uncontrollable lust for $credits.

Our multi level staking will bring a dynamic sense into this space. This dynamic is a first of its kind. The multi staking aspect embodies the term ‘high risk, high reward’. Where you choose to stake will change the risk, and reward aspect of this game. Gang members will impart a tax on the citizens of the city taking a rake of all the Credits earned.

We have gathered an elite team of coders, marketers and community managers to work with R404(Ren) to bring this vision of Neon to life. We would like Neon to not only be artistically appealing but to have utility and functionality for community members, which ultimately benefits them in the future.

Added December 3, 2021