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Neuron Storm Launch

January 15, 2022

Company: Neuron Storm NFT

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Neuron Storm is all about ideas, decisions, and different life paths ahead of a young confused mind. 1,111 unique collectibles living forever on ETH block chain.

Neuron Storm is a concept centered NFT collectibles of 1,111 unique generative pieces on ETH block chain Each Neuron Storm will have up to 18 traits and a meaning behind the combination of Neuron’s lifelines We will be behind you every step of the way and enjoy your company in the journey of Neuron Storm.

1,111 youngsters with different tastes and from different regions gathered in a block chain family to share the complexity in life. We show the mind of each youngsters to demonstrate the thoughtfulness of them. In their mind, the gears (Shape Spots) represent the personality of each youngster with regards to the DISC method. Inside the gears are many unique hand-drawn impossible shapes representing the complexity and confusedness many young people may experience in early stages of life. Now from all these details, the most important decisions come out: LIFE PATHS. Every Neuron Lifeline is navigating a different lifestyle, position, occupation, and results.

This is not the end. The details can go on and on. Learn about Neuron Storm Concept and Theory on our Discord.

Added December 18, 2021