NFpeens Release V.1

January 27, 2022

Company: ProjectPeen


The very first drop of ProjectPeen NFPeens! These are 7000 of the hardest working and charitable peens on the blockchain for .02 ETH. Each peen is randomly generated with the chance of a different outfit, mustache, expression and eyeware accessory. As is the case with most NFTs, specific peen traits (robo peens or king peens) show up a lot less than more common ones. After the first few initial drops, the “Peenverse” will expand! Unlike most NFTs when you own a peen you get access to a multitude of different functions. For example there will be the option to weaponize your peen! Peens with water guns! Peens with swords! Once you have chosen to weaponize your peen, it will be trained for battle. ProjectPeen battles give owners the chance to do something productive with their NFT. Ideally peen battles will give owners the chance to battle against one another. There will also be a “single player” option where a weaponized peen can go to battle against the computer. If a peen successfully wins their battle, they will receive a prize. Who doesn’t love winning Ethereum? When you buy a peen you aren’t just investing in an opportunity to earn money, you are also donating to charity! 20% of all peen profits will be donated to testicular cancer research and awareness organizations such as the Testicular Cancer Society. This 501(c)3 nonprofit, public charity is known for raising awareness for testicular cancer.

Here are some fast facts about testicular cancer:

1) Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer found in young men aged 15-3 5

2) If diagnosed early enough in the development of the cancer survival rate can be up to 95%-99%

3) Many young men are not familiar or taught how to self examine themselves to detect possible issues

4) Most common form of treatment is surgery, not chemotherapy

Our goal is to raise awareness for men all over the world. This includes education, information, and support surrounding testicular cancer. You can help save the peens by supporting ProjectPeen. This is a topic that is near and dear to us and we thank you for your support!

Added January 27, 2022