NFT Seattle Conference

July 28, 2022

Company: NFT Seattle

Price: 250 USD\/USDC

Supply: 600

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Seattle’s First NFT Conference – Establishing the Pacific North West as a hub for Web3 innovation

NFT Seattle
3 Days of Education Events, Satellite Parties, & Outdoor Experiences
5+ Featured Artists & Performers
10+ Sponsor Exhibits
20+ Speakers
500+ Attendees
Seattle’s First NFT Conference
Event Agenda:

Thursday, July 28th
* Early Bird Registration
* Community Welcome Events

Friday, July 29th
* Full Day Main Event @ Block 41
* VIP Lunch with Speakers, Sponsors, & VIP Ticket Holders
* After Party With Live Music

Saturday, July 30th
* Web3 Coffee Experience
* VIP Cruise for Speakers, Sponsors, & VIP Ticket Holders
* Founders Dinner
* NFT’s For Newbies Worshop
* Satellite Community Events & Activities

Our VISION is to establish Seattle as a hub for Web3 innovation & connect the growing community in the Northwest. We want to unite people in Seattle to educate & expose them to the opportunities & possibilities that NFT’s bring to creators, businesses, artists, and communities.
Let’s Connect!

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Added June 22, 2022