Ninpo Gakko Drop

January 16, 2022

Company: Ninpo Gakko

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Ninpo Gakko Gen 0 Is 1599 Randomly Generated Ninja NFTs! Hold Ninpo & Earn $CHAKRA To Unlock Ninpo Gakko Gen 1, $SOL, $CHAKRA, Rewards.

A long time ago, there were five gods in the universe: the god of Fire, the god of Thunder, the god of Wind, the god of Water, and the god of Woods.

They used their divine power to save the planet that was supposed to be extinct, and then left a part of their consciousness when they left. The consciousness fragments of these five gods turned into five goods and were enshrined by mankind. They call its “Sacred Goods”. Five tribes were created around these five “Sacred Goods”, named with the gods name they believed in, and distributed all over the world.

The first generation of village heads discovered the hidden power of human beings (Nairyoku 内力) through the “Sacred Goods” they enshrined, and created the Ninpo (忍法). Using their own Nairyoku (Internal Power) with special seals, they are able to unleash superhuman power. People who can use Ninpo are called Ninja (忍者). The ninjas take on the task of defending the tribe because of their strength. Under the leadership of the Village Head, they have stood up to protect the ordinary people in the tribe and maintain the peace of the tribe.

But just ten years ago, the leaders of the five tribes personally went to the far north to explore a meteorite from outside the earth. No one knew what happened in this mission. The leader of Leaf Tribe disappeared, and the leaders of other tribes are severely injured. After returning to the tribe, he kept silent about what happened, as if nothing had happened, and then blocked the “Sacred Goods” forbidden people to approach.

The various tribes have also been cut off from each other. This long-term peace seems to have quietly closed the curtain, just like the tranquility before the storm…

After this event, many Ninjas disappeared from the tribe. The 5 Tribes build a new team named Ninpo Gakko to find the missing Ninjas. The team is composed of 1599 Ninjas.

On the way to the search for the missing Ninjas, they found meteorite crumbs. Suddenly, the Ninja who held the meteorite crumb reviews what happened while exploring the meteorite.

The missing Ninjas are sealed in another world, and to be able to unblock them you have to accumulate enough $Chakra and use the forbidden technique (Burokku o kaijo suru no jutsu). By using this technique, the unlocked Ninja will be under your orders. Quickly, the Ninjas form their own clan, and want to dominate the world by unlocking sealed Ninjas. The Ninjas quickly each take over a land to create their own clan.

Added January 15, 2022