Ninpo Gakko Drop

January 28, 2022

Company: Ninpo Gakko


Ninpo Gakko Gen 0 Is 1599 Randomly Generated Ninja NFTs! Hold Ninpo & Earn $CHAKRA To Unlock Ninpo Gakko Gen 1, $SOL, $CHAKRA, Rewards.

A long time ago, there were five gods in the universe: the god of Fire, the god of Thunder, the god of Wind, the god of Water, and the god of Woods.

They used their divine power to save the planet that was supposed to be extinct, and then left a part of their consciousness when they left. The consciousness fragments of these five gods turned into five goods and were enshrined by mankind. They call its “Sacred Goods”. Five tribes were created around these five “Sacred Goods”, named with the gods name they believed in, and distributed all over the world.

Added January 26, 2022