No Eyes Land Official Launch

February 21, 2022

Company: No Eyes Land


NEL is a collection of 2222 unique hand created NFTs

Why choose No Eyes Land NFTs ?
– Real artwork, no AI/generator used, only human creativity
– Renowned artist, Thomas Icher who had in particular decorated Ariane Space shuttle
– Rarity, only 2222 items will be minted
– Creations are optimized to be used on your social media profile pictures
– You can play the “guess who I am” game with your friends 🙂
Or, more simply, because they are so cool !


Launched during a lockdown, no eyes land project has been inspired by pop culture and… a poem of Octavio Paz:
“Don’t be afraid, mister. I won’t kill you. I’m only going to take your eyes.”
“But why do you want my eyes ?” I asked again.
“My girlfriend has this whim. She wants a bouquet of blue eyes. » …

Added February 18, 2022