Non-Fungible Animals Drop

November 2, 2021

Company: WWF Germany

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The WWF Non-Fungible Animals NFAs are a highly limited number of exclusive crypto-artworks for ten endangered animals. The number of artworks corresponds exactly to the number of animals that still exist. With the sale of the artworks, WWF raises money to preserve the species.

There will be a total number of 6,266 NFTs with prices ranging between 79 USDC and 799 USDC.

Artists: Boss Logic, Freehand Profit, Eric Peters, Vinzent Britz, Lea Fricke, Romulo Kuranyi, Andres Ribon, Rocket&Wink, Etienne Kiefer and Anna Rupprecht.

Currency: USDC on Polygon (not ERC20).

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Added October 27, 2021