Now it’s official: Waves Punks Zombie

January 26, 2022

Company: Waves Punks


The second collection of the first-ever NFT punks on WAVES blockchain
Oh yes, WAVES PUNKS: chapter two is dedicated to zombie culture! Exact date of WAVES PUNKS ZOMBIE launch will be announced on Monday, 24th of January. But be sure, drop will be available until the end of January, as we promised!
When we say «the sickest NFTs in the world», we mean, it’s the most mutated punks you’ve ever seen. Infected with mysterious virus stamm P-NZ/37, WAVES PUNKS ZOMBIES will definetely break some of industry stereotypes 😉
Just as the first collection, the second drop will include ONLY 1000 unique, hand-drawn NFTs.
Some of them are very rare.
Some of them are really scary 🙂
Some of them were influented by legendary zombie culture episodes.
Some of them were influented by other famous NFT projects.
But you’ll definetely like any of them!

Added January 20, 2022