Nyukiaverse Public Minting

May 25, 2022

Company: Nyukiaverse/HaPeeBee

Price: 299 MATIC

Supply: 1540

Source Link

The Nyukiverse is a Metaverse committed to building a Sustainable World.

Our HaPeeBees Collection is dedicated to the principles of Sustainability. It is a concept inspired by the inner workings of Bees. The Bee is a symbol of gentle and aggressive strength, a global icon for sustainable activities, biodiversity conservation, economical efficiency, and ecological integrity. HaPeeBee Collection Holders can use the NFTs as a Discount Coupon to access the Melanin.Solar Smart-Box (MSBX) that shall allow them to mine $WHIVE rewards with sustainable energy resources such as Solar. The $WHIVE rewards can also be used to mint more HapeeBee NFTs on the Nyukia Gaming platform to be released in 2023. Remember, combined little actions can become Great Action. Beecome a HaPeeBee today and build a Sustainable World!!!

Added May 25, 2022