Oasis DAO Whitelist

January 15, 2022

Company: The Oasis DAO

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Oasian’s Vision

Oasis DAO is a Metaverse DAO for Solana. We aim to become the founders of the Metaverse.

You can be an NFT artist with an innovative idea who needs technical support, or a crypto newbie interested in GameFi looking for educational research content, or an angel investor searching for the next up-and-coming innovation. Our aim is to create a space that allows everyone, and we mean everyone, to interact with each other and pool our resources to achieve our goals within the Metaverse.

Through Oasis DAO, we create new economic and creative opportunities for everyone. To investors, we establish a pipeline full of promising projects looking for the next round of funding. To users, we provide the opportunities to co-own high-value crypto assets and a community of like-minded enthusiasts to help achieve everyone’s goals. To projects, we create a metaverse to source partnerships and access talents as well as exposure to opportunities in the Solana ecosystem.

Oasian’s Mission

There has never been an opportunity like the present. Previously unimaginable ideas are now within our reach for the first time. Spinning these into a reality will be challenging, and no one can do it alone. This is why we decided to collectively create a world that benefits everyone. We are building a creative, passionate, and committed community to be the driving force behind Oasis DAO.

The core element that binds the entire ecosystem is The Oasians NFT. We want to create value for these NFTs beyond just being a JPEG pfp. These NFTs will serve as a digital identity in the Oasis DAO Metaverse; it will be used as an on-chain credit system to track contributions. The Oasians is a symbol of status, ability, and skillset.

The nature of blockchain grants ownership and enforces copyrights. These are backed by code rather than by faith. This encourages DAO members to actively contribute and exchange their resources with one another. All of this will be powered by The Oasians NFTs.

By acquiring an Oasians NFT, DAO members become DAO governors. Collectively, the community will decide how to manage the DAO treasury, govern operations and utilize our resources. By establishing a DAO-sustained economy, Oasis DAO will become a truly decentralized community where members can reap the rewards of equity and ownership.

Mint Price: 5 SOL
Mint Date: TBA
Added January 4, 2022