OG Curator Club Pass Minting

August 12, 2022

Company: CIMAdownNFTs

Price: 1 ETH

Supply: 50


We are pleased to announce CIMAdownNFTs is minting it’s official OG pass! As an early supporter, you will have all-exclusive access to CIMAdown events, classes, shows, art festivals, and more! Plus, you get exclusive merch and art that only OG pass owners are allowed to claim.

Why purchase an OG pass? Having access to exclusively signed and procured artists gives you industry insight and abilities first, as to where our art world, both IRL and WEB3 are going. You are also first to a wonderful NFT project that provides classes and non-profit elements We also support artists from all over the world, breaking barriers while creating bonds, and establishing themselves as artist through our incubator hub. As a curator of these pieces, you have the right to negotiate works of use, to meet the artist, or possible discussions for further procurement of the talent of the CIMAdown Artists.

You also have light governance as a pass holder, to vote and submit ideas, and proposals to be considered for use or to be implemented by Cimadown. You will have a voice and consideration as a VIP member, supporter, holder, or curator. Cimadown is the perfect meeting ground for all! Get your OG to pass this Friday, August 12th at noon!

-OG pass holders will receive all of the Tree collection NFT utilities
-OG pass holders each get voting power to community ideas and chime in on current planned affairs bi-weekly.
-OG pass holder meetings.
-OG pass holders will gain access to a special network used to communicate with each other and the rest of the CIMAdown team!
-OG pass holders receive lifetime free entry to any live CIMAdown events.
-OG pass holders will get 30% off on exclusive OG pass holder merchandise.
-OG pass holders will get a 5% discount on most CIMAdown Artist Collection NFTs.
-OG pass holders will get 10% off on buying NFTs from the Tree Collection NFT..
-OG pass holders will get a percentage of profits made from the Tree Collection NFT sales and merchandise sales of 5% on each. (after a probationary holding period of 3 months, rewards are posted.)

Added August 13, 2022