OGSeed Giveaway

November 14, 2021

Company: OGWeed


OGWeed is an NFT art leveraging SOLANA blockchain advantages for the weed-friendly community as a membership card. Each NFT has a unique character, made over 100 unique traits 100% hand-drawn by our OG Artist, GZ.

These different characteristics have been put together algorithmically to obtain 10,420 unique pieces with a rarity that varies for each of them. Our fundamental goal is first and foremost that each NFT gives to the owner rewards and special privileges.

We want our NFT holders to feel that they are part of the OGWeed family and that we will grow as such. Your OGWeed NFT will not be only an awesome unique piece of art, but it will be your membership card to the OG Weed community on-chain or in real life.

Every membership card will have a unique design and special attributes that will give you advantages to create the next generations. Each gen will be designed by a new artist and ONLY holders of the first gen of OGWeed NFTs, called “Mother Plants” (Gen 0), will be able to generate the next ones.
As a Holder of this NFT membership card you will be rewarded every month by receiving royalties on the sales made on the secondary market. In addition, we will propose to the OGWeed members’ airdrops, discounts with our partners, goodies, governance votes, special events with limited access and much more such as online and live meetings to pufpuf together.
All these advantages will be possible by taking a 30% fees on EACH secondary market sale. We have a lot more to share with the community, and we will release everything at the right moment, this is just the tip of the iceberg and hopefully the following steps will blow your mind.

Added November 13, 2021