Olympus Mountain Gods NFT Collection Public Sale

July 1, 2022

Company: Olympus Mountain Gods

Price: 102 USD\/USDC

Supply: 8400

Source Link

Collection is based on ancient Greek
mythology as well as current fashion trends. The 12 gods of Olympus,
monsters, and mythology are combined with modern aesthetic trends in this
NFT collection. 8K high definition 3D sculpting models and poster design
features will be included in the artwork. Male and female Gods have two base
models. NFT also functions as an art form and portrays upcoming P2E game
characters. Owners of the genesis collection will become members and gain
access to OAZIZ ecosystem. Background, body textures (skin, garments),
facial features (beard, eyes, skin), and other components based on style, such
as floating text, are all included in each item of the collection.

You will receive the following utilities when you purchase OAZIZ NFT:

1. Voting in the future of the road map and selected project funding.
2. Copyrights on art. (Except 2nd hand market %)
3. Dividends payout in native OAZIZ token
4. Participate in a closed educational community & earn rewards by completing
learning courses.
5. Earn rewards for being active in OAZIZ community.
6. Ownership of Genesis Gods characters (in upcoming NFT game).
7. Possibility to apply for the OAZIZ developer scholarship. Funding talented
individuals or seed level start-ups.
8. Instant Verified user on the marketplace. This lets unlimited listing creation.
9. Close to zero fees by owning OAZIZ NFT. (Gas+seller; buyer fees)
10. Whitelisted for all pre-sales and upcoming projects.

To get early access to the OMG NFT collection, make sure you’re on the whitelist. OMG NFT will be minted on Solana Blockchain. By joining the whitelist, you will be allowed to mint 48 hours before the public debut.

Added June 8, 2022