Open Head NFT Public Sale

January 27, 2022

Company: Open Head NFT


Cracking open closed minds and sharing the incredible potential of 100% transparent NFT Raffles hosted in our Smart Contract.

For each minted Open Head, 0.01 ETH will be sent to a locked wallet. Once every Open Head NFT has been minted, the funds on the locked wallet will be raffled, and the best part is the entire process will happen on-chain. Have we mentioned that our initial raffle features 100 ETH prize?

Once the excitement of our Initial 100 ETH Raffle has passed, we will begin our sequence of monthly and weekly raffles.

At least 60% of the Open Head project monthly earnings will be used to launch one monthly and four weekly raffles per month.

All our smart contracts are verified in Etherscan and audited by Solidity Finance.

Mint Price: 0.07 ETH plus gas.
Public Launch : 27 Feb 2022 9:00 PM UTC. There is no limit per wallet, although each transaction is limited to 5 Open Head NFT.

Added January 25, 2022