Oppa Squad – Public Mint

October 28, 2021

Company: Oppa Squad

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Oppa NFTs is a unique collection of 10000 Oppa inspired by Squid Game.

Each Oppa is divided in 3 categories : Oppa Player, Oppa Squad and VIP. There will only be 456 Oppa players wearing a green jacket with a number. There will be 4141 Oppa Squad who will be wearing a red jacket, which are also divided in 3 categories : Circle (Common), Triangle (Rare), Square (Epic)

Then come the 900 VIP wearing VIP Black/Solana suits! Only 1 front man will be available!

Oppa NFT is one of the first deflationary NFT on Solana. 8% of royalties taxes will be given as 2% to the Marketing Wallet and 6% to the Doll Wallet (which will be used to buy back).
Any Oppa Player or Squad/VIP being bought back will be eliminated (burned). All Eliminated Oppa will be listed in our hall of fame for participating to the game.

Burning phase will happen every week, which guarantees a price floor increase for all OPPA NFTs Holders. Do not list your Oppa cheap because it may be… ELIMINATED.

Added October 20, 2021