Ottey Otters Drop

November 4, 2021

Company: Ottey Otters

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Ottey Otters have arrived! We are a community that shares our love for these furry little creatures! Ottey Otters start with a mint of 6000 unique Ottey Otters. The journey continues with upcoming airdrops, a clothing line, and Ottey Otters Plushies exclusively available for Ottey Otter owners.

Every Ottey Otters Plushy has an associated NFT that is separate from the main collection. We created this with the hopes of owners gifting these plushies to loved ones to educate them about the NFT space. We also plan to donate a portion of profits to a sea otter charity which will help keep our beloved furry creatures healthy and happy. The journey doesn’t just stop there, we plan to implement the second road map in 2022.

Added October 26, 2021