Papi Clause Launch

December 23, 2021

Company: Papi Clause NFT


Papi Clause is a collection of 9999 uniquely generated NFT collectibles with over 190+ traits, which can be bought, sold or traded. Minting Price = 0.059 ETH.
Minting a Papi Clause NFT will give holders access to merchandise discounts, special giveaways and rewards, and directly puts them into the Winter Trip draw. The three winners will have a fully paid trip for themselves and one guest to watch and sleep under the Northern Lights in Finland.
Papi Clause was created in hopes of donating $100’000+ to three different charity organizations and will donate once the collection is 25% SOLD. 3% of Royalty fees will also be attributed to a pool for these charities to ensure a continuous flow of donation.
The charities are:
1. Greenpeace
2. Save the Children

Unique Selling Points;
We have 10 Spirits of Christmas which are completely unique and represent the world of Christmas.
We will send $4’000 USD to each of the 10 first minters of the spirits, but we will also provide the current holder with a 3D rendered version of this NFT once completed.

Donating over $100’000 at 25% sold collection to charities plus 3% royalties. ($50’000 at 10% sold collection and then another $50’000 at 25% sold collection)

2 winners will get a fully paid trip to sleep under the northern lights in Finland for them and a guest of their choice, + $1’000 in spending money. (If the user can go to it with valid reasons we will give him/her the equivalent amount of the trip)

We will buy a large chunk of land either on Sandbox or Decentraland depending on the communities choice, to build Papis Land AKA Winter wonderland, where holders can gain access to and hangout.

Free play to earn video games once we have enough funds from the project to be able to develop it.

Added November 29, 2021