PartyAnimals Drop

November 20, 2021

Company: Party Animals

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Party Animals are a combination of real-world images with hand painted party-gadgets. In total, there are 11,111 animals ready to get minted on Cardano.

Each Party Animal is unique and associated to its own “Club”.
In total, there are 18 clubs.

If you buy a Party Animal, you get your own Club Card and you have the right to add a song to a playlist, connected to your club.

We celebrate 4 partys in total. The partys differ by # of clubs open, #of different animals and # of Party Animals minted.
In the first “Pre-Drinking” party, 1,500 Party Animals are ready to get minted.

– Safe payment process
We really want to have an impact in developing the Cardano blockchain. Therefore, we use a fully transparent, click-and-buy experience and safe multi-signature approach for the very first time in a NFT drop. This means, the buyer can see the policy ID and the Party Animal (ID) before he signs the transaction, and he sees exactly what he gets, before signing. For this, we use the well established Nami Wallet environment.
This leads to a significantly safer and user-friendly payment process in the future. We are convinced, that this is the way to go.

– NFT as proof of right
We use the NFT as a key, to give the owner the right to add one song to a playlist on spotify. Each club has its own playlist. The owner can add only one song, even if the NFT is sold later on a marketplace. If he adds another song, the original song gets overwritten. The playlist is publicly available but can only be maintained by the owner of Party Animals.
With this concept, we demonstrate the ability of managing right for actions, which is quite impressive for this early stage of development of Cardano.

Added November 19, 2021