Pearls – The Genesis NFT Collection

December 23, 2021

Company: Ponyo Impact


“Pearls” is the genesis NFT collection by Ponyo Impact and was created to raise money for our oceans and coastal communities. These 5,555 randomly generated shells with pearls inside are each one-of-a-kind NFT artworks. Proceeds from Pearls will be automatically donated to Surfrider Foundation, and in addition to helping heal the sea, holders will receive royalties on secondary market sales—plus randomly selected perks and token airdrops as part of Ponyo Impact’s gamified rewards system.

What is Ponyo Impact?

“Ponyo Impact is the NFT launchpad led by the creators of Ponyo. Our mission is to support organizations making tangible improvements to life on earth. We collaborate with mission-driven organizations (like Surfrider Foundation) to mint NFT projects that generate high impact funds for projects that create positive change in the world.”

What is the Surfrider Foundation?

The largest network of coastal defenders in the world, the Surfrider Foundation fights for healthy beaches via ocean protection, coastal preservation, beach access, clean water, and plastic reduction. With more than 100 active campaigns for policy reform and direct action ongoing at any time, Surfrider has notched more than 700 victories for coastal communities since 2006, and was founded in Malibu, California in 1984.

How many Pearls are there?

A fixed supply of 5,555 Pearls will be minted—first come, first served!

How much per Pearl?

Pearls will be minted for .035 ETH + Gas, and will be limited to 20 per wallet.

When can I see the pearl inside my shell?

The moment all 5,555 NFTs have been minted, each shell will automatically open to reveal a rare and beautiful pearl.

Will there be more Ponyo Impact NFTs?

Yes—we plan to create new NFTs supporting different organizations monthly, each with a similar scope of perks and gamification.

Added December 20, 2021