PHAZE-2 Golden Eaglez Kartrel

November 7, 2021

Company: Golden Eaglez Kartel


The Golden Eaglez Kartel is now ready and poised to bring forth the long-anticipated PHAZE-2 sector of their launch!

1500 Phaze-2 Eagles will be available to mint, with none being minted after that for a total number of 3015 Eaglez in circulation

Owning an Eagle will entitle holders to redeem our $ZTASH utility token from our website daily with minimal withdrawal fees, due to our $ZTASH token now being deployed on Polygon for that same reason.

Holders will also be entitled to 1 free mint of our counterpart project Gorilla Marine Squad, plus be automatically whitelisted for the Gorilla Marine Squad presale.

All Gorilla owners are also eligible to receive a daily payout of our $M1-ZERO utility token, which, along with $ZTASH will be utilized for in-game purchases, such as weapons, armor, and vehicles, with staking, also being implemented in our upcoming, NFT play to earn gaming platform.

Holders also get voting rights to our DAO, and direct, creative input to our upcoming video game where they can see their ideas and creativity come to life.
This will be a community-driven/inspired game with the creative input coming from the community members as well as the devs!

PHAZE-2 holders and our OG/Genesis holders receive the benefits of both projects while only needing to invest in one. We intend to provide even more value to our community members while adding some diversity to the project.

Added November 6, 2021