Pigeons Airlines Presale

January 26, 2022

Company: Pigeons Airlines


Pigeons Airlines is a flock of 5555 Solana NFT pigeons successfully running an airline, dabbing in space exploration and leaving feather marks and more along history of aviation.

It’s a collection of 5555 NFTs, hand-drawn and developed on the Solana blockchain, rich in detail.
Each of our pigeon has unique features and is equipped with gadgets that make it different from the rest of the flock. We also have developed 10 Special pigeons, inspired by the rarest one in the collection, and 5 Super Special pigeons, inspired by aviation history and Sci-Fi pop tradition. All of our NFTs are in high quality.
Each NFT is based on SPL protocol based on the Metaplex NFT standard.

The mint price is 0.6 SOL, but we have a presale set for the 26th January. We’ll release 200 pigeons for the special price of 0.4 SOL. Our whitelist is currently open.

Our program includes a redistribution of the secondary market fees (buying and selling NFT costs) according to the following percentages: 10% developers, 20% for charity, and 70% for the owners.

Every time we sell 618 pigeons, we will celebrate! In fact, we’re going to draw one of our supporters. The lucky winner is going to receive an Alienware M15-R6 gaming laptop and a Dell headphones set, or they can opt to redeem the equivalent worth (3,600 $) in cryptocurrency.
In case of sold out, we are going to randomly select another winner. They will have the chance to be sent all around the world, on a fabulous trip sponsored by Pigeons Airlines, visiting major cities and resting their feathers in wonderful locations. Otherwise, they can opt to redeem the 30K $ in cryptocurrency.

As for the charity, we decided to support International Animal rescue, an association that rescues, rehabilitates and releases wild animals back into their habitats whenever that’s possible. Furthermore, they also fight for habitat restoration and preservation.

Added January 17, 2022