Pixel Chimp Yacht Club Live Mint

December 1, 2022

Company: Pixel Chimp Yacht Club

Price: .0025 ETH

Supply: 2500


Welcome to the Pixel Chimp Yacht Club. (PCYC)!

Our purpose, and founding principles: are to create, maintain, and further establish an active community presence throughout the Web 3 ecosystem by providing high-value utilities, in addition to meaningful functionalities, backed by alluring art.

The total Supply of the Pixel Chimp Yacht Club is 2,500 individual NFTs. There will be no whitelist, and no pre-sale; however, active and collaborative members within the community will be rewarded generously via Free Mints on behalf of the Staff Team. Mint price will be 0.0025 ETH each.

The Royalty structure will be set at 5% to ensure future plans are continuously developed and consistently worked-on. The funds will remain within the Original wallet (excluding community voting action) until our DAO is developed and implemented.

Added November 2, 2022