Pixelambo Drop

October 31, 2021

Company: Lambo Diamond Hands Club

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1000 free Lambos airdropped to holders post mint! That’s 1 in 3 minters who will get a spare Lambo!

The Lambo DHC is a collection of incredibly detailed pixel-perfect Lambos from 1964 to 2021! The collection has all Lambos in multiple colours, with awesome drivers and epic backgrounds. We did it like they would at the Lambo Factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. Keep an eye out for the ultra-rare Police Lambos with an even rarer special Shiba driver!
Our Lambos can be used as profile images, avatars, wallpapers and even as printable art! HODL a Lambo for the metaverse while you HODL for a Lambo in your garage!

Cost: 0.33SOL
Number: 3333
Date: 31st Oct 2021
Time: 15.00 UTC

Added October 22, 2021