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Plain Face Millionaire Club Drop

January 28, 2022

Company: Plain Face Millionaire Club

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Welcome to the Plain Face Millionaires Club! By minting your NFT you automatically join a network of 10,000 like-minded Plain Face Millionaires… Yes! Say it again.

PFMC NFTs are ERC-721 tokens that are set to arrive by 2022. A private collection with 100+ hand-drawn traits qualifies the uniqueness of all 10,000 NFTs. These digital collectibles that reside on the Ethereum Blockchain will serve as your membership NFT aboard this private flight!

As an owner of the PFMC NFT, we value your creative ideas, suggestions and visions in the Discord chat. There, your new ideas will be nominated, voted on, integrated and rewarded…..It’s Time to unpack

We are huge believers in the metaverse and therefore we will ensure that PFMC leaves its footprints in this next frontier. Every PFMC NFT is a 3D file that will be deployable to the metaverse as a character in a play-to-earn game, a way to explore the metaverse and more. In addition, you will receive airdrops of Orbit Tokens by holding a PFMC NFT, thus increasing your odds of getting whitelisted for upcoming sales of real estate, vehicles, space ships, accessories and other items in the metaverse.

Time to play & get paid for it! Play-to-Earn NFT games are where the Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT will be your personal avatar. Winners will be rewarded with Orbit tokens that can be traded on cryptocurrency marketplaces or used to fuel the Orbeious 2100 fusion machine & take your PFMC NFT to the next level.

Finally, all NFTs are minted. Only PFMC NFT holders have access to all the private channels, exclusive discussions on, Zoom, Discord and Telegram. Here, we talk about various topics such as cryptocurrency news and investment, hot NFT projects, what’s trending, metaverse real estate, and Play-to-Earn games led by our best market analysts and experts.

Added January 17, 2022