Prime Ape Planet Raffle & Public Mint

December 27, 2021

Company: Prime Ape Planet

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Prime Ape Planet will officially launch on Tuesday, December 28th @ 6 PM, CET! We will launch using a ”Raffle” system. We think this is the best way to avoid gas wars and give everyone a fair chance to mint their own Prime Ape NFT.

How to enter the Raffle:
On December 27th (6 PM, CET) you can enter the Raffle by visiting our website and connecting your Metamask account. Please make sure that there are enough funds on the wallet to mint at least 1 Prime Ape NFT.

From designers who are known for many productions like The Lion King, Godzilla, and many other animations for Marvel, Disney, MGM, and much more.

Well-known artist Kurtis Dawe now has decided that he wants to use his skills and experience to bring a high-value project to NFT space.

For this, he teamed up with a team consisting of successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, experienced artists, and marketing veterans to drop this collection.

Enter the Raffle at 6 PM CET on the 27th of December to be able to mint on December 28th at 6 PM CET.

Added December 25, 2021