Prosperous Tigers Mint

January 26, 2022

Company: Prosperous Tigers


Prosperous Tigers is coming to the Solana jungle. Holders of Prosperous Tiger NFTs will receive passive income form multiple sources. To guarantee a strong revenue stream upfront, we have committed 50% of all secondary royalties to holders. We will also set up a community vault. The community wallet will begin receiving royalties from secondary sales as soon as Prosperous Tigers begin transacting on secondary marketplaces. The community will determine the best use of these funds. We see these funds being used on a wide array community related initiatives including giveaways, floor sweeps, merchandise and social events. We also have plans to expand the Prosperous Tiger community beyond the predominant platforms NFT communities currently exist on. We will accomplish this by funding social events in major cities as well as hosting events in the Metaverse. The community will also have the option of purchasing space in the metaverse on popular platforms such as Sandbox, Decentraland and Portals. These spaces will function as common space for the community members.

Mint Date: Jan 26th 14:00 UTC
Price: 0.8 Sol
Quantity: 1888

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Added January 26, 2022