Pup Filthy Adoption Center Drop

November 19, 2021

Company: Pup Filthy


Filthy Pups are homeless puppies roaming the metaverse. Legend has it that as human beings neglected their real world pets, something peculiar and incredibly improbable occurred. In search of a home, Filthy Pups stumbled upon a crack in the world, which conveniently lay gaping directly adjacent to Uncle Joe’s Breakfast Bar.

As they entered the gap, they found themselves instantaneously transported to the blockchain. By some twist of fate, most of the pups appeared in this new world with clothing. And how strange, they thought, that it felt more natural to walk on hind legs. This portal is notoriously accepted as the Adoption Center because of the amount of animals it transports. For whatever unlikely reason, mass teleportation occurs routinely between Friday morning and Sunday night.

Could it be that Uncle Joe’s Breakfast Bar cooks bacon Friday mornings? Uncover the mystery!

Pup Filthy is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, with over 250 unique traits on the Solana blockchain. Each Pup will cost .25 SOL.

Added November 19, 2021