Ravefaces Backstage Pass Mint

November 25, 2022

Company: RavefacesNFT

Supply: 500



The RaveFaces Backstage Pass NFT is the whitelist for the RaveFaces OG Drop.

Backstage Pass NFT holders can mint 2 OGs on the presale for ETH.

Once minted during the presale, the Backstage Pass NFT is burnt, and you receive enough $R4VE reward to be able to mint another OG at the beginning of Phase II.

You may use your Backstage Pass NFT during the entire mint to purchase an OG for ETH and to burn for $R4VE.


We are RaveFaces, a collective of electronic music producers and generative artists. We are here to rave the metaverse and to create a place and community for creative individuals of web3.

Ravefaces evolve around the collaborations of its artists via Rituals. The OG collection reflects the hands of 100 artists.



The OG RaveFaces NFT is your membership to the community.

Be a part of the RaveFaces Metaverse Club experience!

**THE OG DROP 27. November 2022**

The mint will have 3 phases.

– Presale for the holders of the Backstage Pass NFT (Whitelist)

– Public sale Phase I: 2000 OGs to be auctioned for ETH

– Public sale Phase II: 3000 OGs to be auctioned for $R4V3

2000 – 3000 tokens for 2 $R4V3

3000 – 4000 tokens for 4 $R4V3

4000 – 5000 tokens for 8 $R4V3

See more details on the RaveFaces Discord

Follow us for updates and giveaways on Twitter: @RaveFacesNFT

Check out our website to get to know us and the concept.

Added November 8, 2022