Red Flags Drop

January 26, 2022

Company: Red Flags


Red Flags, a historic motion picture NFT is a 1:1 genesis edition created by critically acclaimed filmmaker Jordan Bayne (@jordanbayne) inspired by the song of the same name from emerging musical artist Aliah Sheffield and starring the tremendous talent of Isi LaBorde and Gabriel Furman. This is more than an NFT, this is more than a motion picture, this a call to action.  A raw and powerful social impact film, David Weier of MakersPlace wrote, “Exceptional… a moving and well directed narrative”. Author and artist Sheila Darcey says, “Pierces the heart…exquisite, powerful storytelling.” Dropping on Zora January 26th // Edition 1:1 // 3 ETH reserve

Added January 21, 2022