Rhinos Guardians Launch

November 6, 2021

Company: Rhinos Guardians


10k unique NFTs, charity and MATIC ruffles for Rhinos holders! MINT starts today with amazing discounts!

Rhinos Guardians are a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated NFTs: unique digital collectibles with proof of ownership stored on the blockchain.

Each of their parts was created by hand in digital 3D and subsequently generated programmatically 10,000 combinations.

These Rhinos have varying traits that make each unique and collectible, but some are rarer.

You can use your rhino as an avatar on social media, download it, print it, resell it on opensea.io, or use it in the game that will be developed in case of sold out.

In addition, it also has a real usefulness: by buying it you will contribute to the fight against poaching since a part of the sales will be donated to associations in defense of rhinos.

Your Rhinos Guardians, also, grants access to future areas and benefits (for example the raffles in MATIC for holders only).

Added November 7, 2021