Rhinos Soccer Army Mint

August 12, 2022

Company: Rhinos Soccer Army

Price: 0.25 SOL

Supply: 600


Rhinos Rebellion Army Presents its New Football Collection

Greetings to all!! We are so excited and proud to bring you this news! We now have a few months of experience in managing our derug project and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring to you our first NFT Collection which comes with a lot of Fun, Football and $$$ for our Future holders!!

NFT Utility:

– FIFA World Cup experience: your NFT will have the chance to be or become a Lottery Ticket to win Official FIFA World Cup merchandising or a Travel Pack! (Travel + Accommodation + Ticket) To See A Match During The Qatar World Cup!

– PREMIUM Investing Service: Are you are looking for some stability and guaranteed earnings in this crazy period?* Thanks to an exclusive partnership we have secured, as a Rhino Rebellion Soccer NFT Holder you will be able to place your funds in a pool managed by industry professionals which will give you back a guaranteed APY of 40%!! And if you have already (or get) a Rhinos Rebellion Army NFT, APY would go up to 60%

Some more goodies down the road include:

– staking to grab free secret stuff

– access an awesome metaverse environment

– loads of special games and events

– a fantastic DAO

– alpha calls

– multi community collabs and private poker tournaments

and more soon to be revealed!!

The Rhinos Project is led and by the Community for the Community by dedicated and fully doxxed Members of the Community!!

As well, we are very grateful to be backed by some Awesome, Well Established NFT projects and external professional traders!

Added August 8, 2022