Rogue Pandas Public Mint

December 10, 2021

Company: Rogue Pandas

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? **High Utility NFT**:- Virtual META Casino | Profits and Proceeds dropped into Rogue Panda NFT holder wallet.

? **NFT Breeding** :- Mutant Panda, coming in Phase 2 and Mutant Potions Launching at 100% Mint.

? **ART Like Never Seen Before.**

? **Community Giveaways** includes 3 x Tesla Model 3 Cars and 500 SOL in Crypto And NFT Giveaways.

? **Solana Blockchain** which means negligible Gas Fee

? **Decent Liquidity Pool** from Sales % to maintain the floor price.

? **High R.O.I**

Added November 27, 2021