Roko Clan NFT Presale Event Minting

July 17, 2022

Company: Midnight6/Roko Clan

Price: 0.06 ETH

Supply: 500

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(Is Roko clan project a long term project?!)

The answer : Yes. Here is why?!

All we’ve done, and we’re still doing, is just a torch that itsflame that will continue and will not be extinguished by God’s will. If our goal was not a long term, why would the team bother to make the project a legit one in the first place. The team members are responsible for all the promises and the fulfillment of those promises. When the team members state per Roko clan road map that each Roko NFT member will receive certain privileges, for example: once minting is done , automatically some of our project services such as access to warehouse will be available. Regardless of which services we will announce successively in the future, such as discounts on our merch, the owner of Roko Nft will get it. We will have future partnerships with promising NFT projects wih amazing and creative services , when a partnership is made with any of them , Roko team will make sure that the partnership is based on the benefits and the new services that will be provided by that partnership to to Roko clan NFT holders. As a result, there is a positive correlation between Roko NFT price with the magnitude ofnew added services . Which is encouraging long term invest with Roko Nfts holders

Added June 29, 2022