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November 4, 2021

Company: Sabba

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Sabba is a work of art that speaks of the eternal struggle between good and evil in an artistic expressive key. Good and evil have always been the subject of dispute among the high hierarchical circles of humanity; between popes and cardinals, between theologians and religious, between philosophy and politics, between science and society. Over the centuries, evil has been the center of attention for many thinkers and intellectuals who have written masterly works of a literary, philosophical, poetic and epic type such as Dante Alighieri who with his Divine Comedy still disfigures our image of the afterlife many centuries later. , making us impress on one side and fascinate on the other. Evil is portrayed in the most seductive forms, condemning us to think that we cannot easily free ourselves from its clutches; often he is innocent as a child, deceiving us, infatuating us by dragging us towards the abyss of the most vulgar oblivion. At times, she appears to us in animal form, a goat, a black cat, a bat, a wolf and again an owl, while other times it shows itself with the most wonderful features of a beautiful, naked woman, who with her sinuous body and sensual attracts us, flatters us and seduces us, making us drool and totally lose our reason. Sabba is the story of a nun, who, after a long life full of sacrifice, renunciation and adoration of the divine, decides to prostrate herself humbly, like a bitch full of carnal and sinful desire at the service of the evil one, in order to redeeming herself for lost time, for the passion broken and removed in the depths of the soul, with the only remaining desire to experience the ardor of sexual sin, the abomination that inevitably leads to hell. By virtue of his fidelity, the evil one sends 2 demons of his vicars to pay homage to her and to satisfy her desires, giving her absolute pleasure by making her delicious the taste of the taste of sex and of the much coveted immortality. From the heat of her chest and the smooth and velvety skin of her turgid hands, the 2 monsters come out, caress her, undress her and possess her.

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