Saehrimnir – Johannes Rass Drop

December 24, 2021

Company: Beyond Gallery

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Sæhrimnir is the digital approach of the performative Project „Bühnentier – Animal on Stage“, which aims to eliminate the anonymity of an animal as a simple meat product. The Animal is cut according to the rules of conventional slaughter. All parts are prepared using conventional methods. The real objective of the project is the reassembling of the single prepared pieces – which have not been completely deformed or became totally unrecognizable in their morphology through the process of preparing. The result is a sculpture in which all single pieces differ very clearly from each other, and which brings the prepared pieces back to the context of the entire creature. It confronts the viewer with the actual source of the product – the animal in its entirety.

The collection consists of 4 Animations with an edition of 4. So in total 16 pieces, each available for 0.08 Eth.

Added December 21, 2021