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Sanity Light – Descent Song

September 8, 2023

Company: Sanity Light Entertainment

Price: 0.085 ETH

Supply: 850


Heavy Metal Music, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Writer, NFT Creator.

“Descent” is Sanity Light’s first single and music NFT on OpenSea. The new single showcases powerful melodies, followed by crushing breakdown metal riffs.

Every Descent NFT comes with free goodies in unlockable content:

“Interstellar War” sci-fi graphic novel ebook, “Descent” song in 24bit wav and mp3, Descent song artwork in 4K, and three high-quality Interstellar War® digital posters in 5K.

Distant worlds. Interstellar conflict. Adventures in space…
The war is raging across the galaxy. Motley crews and heroes trying to save the day.
This graphic novel showcases the essence of the Interstellar War® Universe. Interstellar War® series of songs, art, ebooks, and graphic novels is a riveting new sci-fi saga set in deep space.
If you like epic sci-fi adventures, colorful characters, and intricate plots that surprise you at every turn, you’ll love this series.

Sanity Light is an aspiring metal musician, sci-fi writer, and NFT creator, whose popularity is on an upward trajectory.
He creates songs, art, ebook, and graphic novel NFT collections (ebooks in unlockable content). Sanity Light is the creator of the Interstellar War® Universe. It’s an ever-expanding sci-fi/cyberpunk universe/galaxy through stories, metal songs, imagery and music videos. Every NFT collection has a story or even an ebook and plays part in the IW Universe. All NFTs are connected and intertwined in the IW Universe’s rich storyline. By owning a piece from the Sanity Light’s “Interstellar War® Universe” you become part of an exclusive metal/sci-fi/cyberpunk club.

Production & Artwork: Sanity Light®

Added August 22, 2023